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Privacy policy

  • aspergers-autism.com respect the privacy of each and every reader of ours. This is the reason why we have framed the best privacy policy.
  • All the information right from your name, email address to the Phone number everything would be kept private.
  • No other person would be able to misuse such details at any cost.
  • We also have an expert team who would take care of the information from the intruders.
  • It is a must that you have to provide these details to this information site and only after that you would be allowed to utilize it.
  • An individual is not supposed to misuse the information of others at any cost. You have to be responsible enough not to use abusive or illegal words in the comment section.
  • The private information that you provide would not be shared with anyone except if the court orders so.
  • In addition to this, even the non-personal details would be collected from you in the form of cookies.
  • This is done so that you can get a refined search and your priorities would be popped up.
  • There might be certain external links provided in this site and you can use it on your wish.
  • Any money dealing or any such act with those links would be done only by you and it’s your responsibility.
  • We would never be answerable for any loss that you incur while utilizing those external links.
  • The computer or laptop that you use to surf information in this website should be well protected with an anti-virus.
  • This is because we are not liable for any damage or virus that affects your system.
  • Though we have framed strict policies, there are at times where we would not be able to follow it up. However, you cannot question us during this situation.